Welcome to our About US, Privacy and Terms & Conditions page.

H2O is the first and ONLY private search engine that searches the best of Bing search, AD FREE, in locked on default safe strict mode. We don't track your search or search history either! When you search with us you are accepting our terms of our locked on safe search strict filter.

Not all filters are perfect, although we do our best, some search results may contain search listings that you may think should be filtered. By using our free search engine, you agree to not hold us liable should any content be shown that you might find offensive. If you do find something offensive that is explicit, we would love to hear about it so that we can look into filtering it out.

Why did you choose the name H2O for your search engine?
We chose H2O.com as our name because the first thing you think of when you imagine H2O is pure clear water! You wouldn't want to drink, bathe or your wash clothes and dishes in anything but pure clear water right? So should web search be too, Pure & Clear like water!

What is safe strict mode and what is it filtering?
Safe strict mode blocks out spam sites, link click farms and explicit content in search results. This ensures a safe and friendly search environment for all! You’ll never see any kind of embarrassing search results or sneaky ads that might appear because we are google and bing ad free, most of the bad search results these days are tricky bad ads ! Most often sneaky explicit advertisers target unrelated keywords and lure unsuspecting victims to an unpleasant search experience. This tactic can be very embarrassing, morally degrading and often traumatizing for the user in many different ways! Have you ever been a victim of such tactics? You can say goodbye to all of these incidents happening again ever with H2O search because of our ad free search engine and strong filters!

Why is safe strict mode on always and why is it not unlockable?
Safe strict mode is always locked and in the on position and cannot be edited by any user because let’s face it, what is safe strict mode anyway if a child, teen or adult with weak will power can unlock it or what if you forget to turn it on? Safe strict mode helps incredibly with accountability, problem solved! Kids nowadays know how to change settings better than most adults and many adults have weak will power, this is common knowledge. Don’t you want to rest assured knowing it’s always on to save embarrassing, morally degrading and potentially traumatizing moments and to keep out the spam and spyware sites too!? Rest assured we’ve got your back on that, always!

Do we track you and are your searches private?
Your searches are private and we don’t track you at H2O.com. We also don’t keep any of your history or pass it on to any 3rd party either whatsoever! We are even more private than the leading search engines who claim to be so private, they serve ads and tons of them!

Do you use any firewalls or have extra security measures in place on H2O.com to keep my search even more safe and private?
Yes we surely do! We use cloudflare to keep your search secure, private and protected with an extra layer of security! The whole purpose of using cloudflare is to stop bots, ddos attacks and make sure that all web traffic is legitimate and flows through strict https protocols. Cloud flare authenticates each connection to H2O.com, blocks the bad ones and never stores your ip address and the cache is flushed hourly. We use cloud flare to speed up search, block bad traffic and to validate all queries, sql injections and to keep out all malicious 3rd party software and spying eyes. Using cloudflare adds a superior extra layer of security and privacy!

How can we contact H2O?
To get in touch with us for anything, please email: admin @ h2o . com | Notice the spaces in the email, this is done to prevent spam. Be sure to remove the spaces if you email us.