Why should I get listed on H2O.com?

As long as your brand, business, service, association, charity or product is related to water in any kind of way, whether for health, drinking, cleaning, conservation, enhancement, necessity, recreation, sport, information etc.  Be it private, residential, commercial or just plain old day to day use, we're 100% sure that we have a category for you to list it in on H2O.com.  If you don't see a category for it, just let us know and we will gladly create one for you!

You get a dynamic full featured directory listing that is unmatched by ALL other directory sites combined, including the yellow pages.  We guarantee that!

H2O.com traffic is visited daily by thousands of direct type in consumers and b2b web visitors that are highly targeted and highly converting, check out our great Alexa ranking here for proof!  When your listing appears on H2O.com it gets incredible highly targeted exposure not offered by any other directory site in this niche.  Others simply can't compete with our name H2O.com the best domain in the world for this industry.  We also own the typo website name H20.com as well, so all bases are covered!  The majority of our traffic comes from direct type-ins, which is proven to convert 100x better than search engine traffic as it is done by educated online searchers who know how to navigate, know what they want and how to find it directly!

With H2O.com we offer two membership levels.  Featured and VIP.  Banner advertising is also available, contact us to discuss pricing options.

When you list on H2O.com, your listing acts like a mini website to promote your business, offering rich html for even the novice with use of a simple web editor tool.  Your listing is SEO optimized and search engine indexed. Even if you have a website this added exposure if priceless and will boost the SEO and authority to your current website very effectively or will work as a stand alone website if you do not have one.

Now you can create a cutting edge, dynamic business listing that no one has ever experienced before, guaranteed!

Your H2O.com Business Directory Listing Includes:

  • Company logo, address, phone, website address with a do follow link, social media accounts & social sharing options.
  • Full html rich listings with an easy to use web editor tool even for the MOST inexperienced users.
  • Google mapping to your location if you so choose.
  • Listing statistics.  
  • Receive reviews, accept them or delete them, it's up to you.
  • Unlimited service locations.
  • Search engine indexed and SEO optimized.
  • One main category and unlimited sub categories.
  • Post unlimited photos, videos and audio files.
  • Your business, service, or association verified by us and displaying a verified seal.
  • VIP seal for VIP members - Featured members get a Featured member icon.
  • VIP members appear on the home page. 
  • Unlimited leads and contact us form.
  • 100% 3rd party ad free listings for VIP members. 
  • 100% white labeled for VIP members.  When your listing is viewed the rest of H2O.com is hidden.
  • Post unlimited product offers.
  • Post unlimited coupon offers and use our automated state of the art coupon creator for free.
  • Post unlimited job offers.
  • Post unlimited event listings.
  • VIP members can post unlimited, html rich articles on their profile, great for SEO.
  • VIP members can post unlimited, html rich articles to our site blog on H2O.com and have them published right on H2O.com's main blog link that is seen from our footer, link it back to their website and or H2O.com listing, even greater for SEO!
  • Accept reviews, keep them, respond to them or delete them. 
  • We will also post all VIP listings to all of our social media pages as soon as the listing is live with us on H2O.com!  Our FB page alone in just 10 days of being live has garnished tens of thousands+ likes and is climbing dramatically, as of October. 28th/2016!
  • Featured membership.

    2nd in search results

    Just $99 USD a month.

    Upgrade or cancel at anytime.

    Purchase longer terms and save.
  • VIP membership.

    *1st in search results*

    *Home Page Listed*

    *White Labeled*

    *3rd Party Ad Free*

    *Post unlimited feature rich articles on your listing, great for SEO*

    *Post unlimited feature rich articles on the H2O.com main articles blog, link back to your listing on H2O.com and your site as well! Even greater for SEO!*

    Regular posts of your listing to our social media pages!

    Just $299 USD a month.

    Downgrade or cancel at anytime.

    Purchase longer terms and save.

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