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We run the cattle through the chute, we vaccinate, band, and tag whichever ones need it. Merch: Join The Farm:...
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In today's video Raising cattle for Beginners, we will discuss the basics of raising cattle. In raising cattle for beginners you will Learn the...
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Hauling cattle to the stock market. Go subscribe to my new 2nd channel, will be uploading videos on there.
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This 8,993± acre ranch lies 58± miles northeast of Bozeman. Includes 386± acres irrigated and 710± acres dryland crop ground leased for positive net income....
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The snow was starting to get a little hard to go through for the Model A, so I switched to the larger 730 Diesel. This is a 1960 model year. The 730 handles...
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Commercial Cattle Market Insight from DV Auction for the week ending April 26, 2019
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Arrowquip’s bud box, the Beef Buddy®, takes the concept of a Bud Box to the next level, adhering to low-stress cattle handling practices and ensuring optimal...
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